Driving Growth and Pushing App Installs

Ashtar is a curriculum based e-learning platform for K-12 students that combines world class education with personal convenience at affordable prices.






Performance Digital Media Planning & Buying

The Challenge

Ashtar is a curriculum based e-learning platform for K to 12 students that combines world-class education with personal convenience and at affordable prices. KAIRO was approached to manage the digital media planning and buying and enhance the brand’s digital marketing performance.

Our goal was clear:

Push for downloads and app installs two weeks before the mid-term exams.

Insight & Strategy

Expand our reach and Increase the number of installs/users

Our starting point was to generate awareness about Ashtar. To expand reach and raise awareness among a large target and different stakeholders including older students as well as parents of much younger students, we began by pushing three videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and created a TikTok page to grow Ashtar’s fan base. After seven days, we shifted our strategy and used YouTube bumper ads and TikTok’s one-day max ad to widen our reach and increase the number of followers.

An installs campaign was launched on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to increase the number of installs and users on the application. With a carefully though-through media mix that included GIFs, static images and videos we demonstrated the richness of the app’s content (the number of lessons, questions, and revision for all subjects).

With plenty of confusion about a new examination model and a number of competitors appearing in the market, we knew that “search” is crucial. We created a Google search and YouTube search campaign to reach students and parents exploring for content about the new exam model to push for app downloads and trial.

Tactical banners with a promotion message were utilized to reach users whose free trial has ended and encourage them to continue using the app.


Installs of the App during two weeks
followers on Facebook in two weeks
Views of the videos across all social media platforms
Decrease cost per view compared to the industry average on all platforms. The average CPV less than 0.01 EGP.
decreased cost per install compared to the industry average
decreased cost per install compared to the previous quarter
Decreased cost per like compared to the industry average
decreased cost per like compared to the previous quarter