MO SALAH MO SALAH MO SALAH MO SALAH An Interactive Data Journey of the Legend’s Life on Twitter
We live in an age where the use of social media data is controversial with endless debates about privacy, transparency, and surveillance. In this study our attempt is to use social data to tell the story of a star who inspired millions, and perhaps reveal a side that humanizes data to a certain level. This study looks at 2.4 million tweets, replies and retweets mentioning Salah’s official Twitter handle @MoSalah from March 2014 to December 2019. We collected the data using CrowdAnalyzer, and used their Arabic NLP capabilities for analysis. Other data points were assessed and analyzed by Kairo’s Research & Analytics team to offer the level of insight shown below. Scroll through the below interactive data visualization journey of the legendary Mo Salah from the day he joined Twitter until today. MO SALAH
Chelsea Loan to Fiorentina Roma Liverpool Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Jan Feb 2019 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Jan Feb Dec 2018 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Jan Feb Dec 2017 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Jan Feb Dec 2016 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Jan Feb Dec 2015 Oct Nov Dec Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep 2014 Clubs Millions Months/Years 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 goals vs. Arsenal & Stock 1st match with Fiorentina & 1st goal Wonder goal vs. Juventus On loan to Roma & first match with Roma Fiorentina files breach of contract & 1st goal vs. Sassuolo Substituted for Totti (Totti’s final match) Named Player of the Season Roma buys Salah & 1st goal of season vs. Udinese 2nd place in ACN Signs with Liverpool Scores penalty against Congo taking Egypt to the World Cup 1st match 1st goal & 1st goal at Champions League, Anfield stadium & famous goal vs. Arsenal Goal vs. Chelsea not celebrated due to Sinai mosque attack (on 24.11.17) Awarded BBC African Player of the Year Awarded African Player of the Year 4 goals vs. Watford Awarded PL Golden Boot & PL all-time scorer & injured at the end of PL Awarded PFA Players’ Player of the Year & famous goal vs. Man City & 2 goals vs. Roma Signs long-term deal with Liverpool 3rd at UEFA “The Best” & awarded PUSKAS Shortlisted UEFA Men’s Player of the Year 50th goal with Liverpool, being the fastest person to reach 50 with Liverpool (in 65 matches) Scores hat-trick vs. Bournemouth & goal vs. Napoli (takes Liverpool to 16th round) Awarded 2nd PL Golden Boot Famous goal vs. Chelsea #TIME100 Scores & wins against Tottenham in Champions League fnal Scores last penalty shoot out vs. Chelsea, wins UEFA Super Cup Named GQ Middle East Man of the Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Reference: Aggregated total engagement received on @MoSalah’s personal tweets & replies totaling 1,203 tweets. Life events based on one-on-one interviews with Mo Salah fans. 01/03/2014 – 30/11/2019. Source: CrowdAnalyzer Mo continued to redefne expectations by taking a second consecutive Golden Boot home for his daughter Makkah to play with, winning and scoring in the Champions League final and being on TIME’s 100 list. Of course the biggest activity to date on his Twitter was when he won the Champions League Title. Salah’s best performing tweet ever was when he posted a meme video showing Salah and Mane - both heads on children bodies - running towards each other after Mane’s outburst in Liverpool’s game against Burnley. 2018 was a tremendous year for Mo Salah. He won almost everything that he was nominated for, and his Twitter activity mirrored the tonnage of milestones he achieved. He broke the Premiere League all-time scoring record, won his frst Golden Boot, and bagged the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award. His second best performing tweet ever was that year, and it was a sad one. He posted it after he was injured in the Champions League final and was subbed, and Liverpool ultimately lost. Mo started 2017 strong, reaching the ACN final with the Egyptian national team, but sadly losing the fnal. He then went on to sign for Liverpool FC, and if you are here, you kind of know the rest. Biggest Twitter activity spikes that year was when he won BBC African Player of the Year. Another was when he qualified with the Egyptian National team to the World Cup after 29 years of absence. Of course, he scored the winning goal from the spot. 2016 was a good year for Mo Salah. It is when he started to leave his mark with AS Roma by being instrumental to the team’s way of play in Serie A and their Champions League campaigns. In early 2015, Mo Salah went on a loan spell in Fiorentina taking Serie A by storm. That resulted in AS Roma taking interest in the young Egyptian which led to another loan spell that eventually led to a permanent move by late 2016. His Twitter saw a few spikes when he played his first match for Fiorentina and when he scored his wonder goal against Juventus. While Mo Salah’s Twitter activity was just beginning, his activity on the field was noted by the lot. One of the people that took interest in his activities was Jose Mourinho - Chelsea’s coach at the time - who liked the young Egyptian when he later scored twice against Mourinho’s Chelsea in the Champions League while playing for Basel. How Has Engagement On Mo Salah Grown Over the Years?
What is Mohamed Salah’s Persona on Twitter?
Salah always makes sure to be supportive of other footballers and athletes, which is a refection of his truly nice personality. Engagement with fans is welcomed by Mo. He answers some of their questions when he is not busy training, and sometimes just simply replies to the tweets that ask him for a response. The Egyptian King shows gratitude and appreciation when it is due. 15% of all his replies were to people that wished him well, praised him or even just said hi. Almost two thirds of all replies made by Mo were a clear reflection his funny personality, whether he is joking around with the British Ambassador or joking around with random users on Twitter talking about him. The Egyptian King is no stranger to being the focus of the news cycle, so he only interacts with the news when he is being congratulated or when the news needs some correcting. Mo does not mind openly sharing some of his frustration. Mo is a spiritual guy, when the opportunity presents itself, he does not mind sharing some spirituality. :D Mar 31 2015 Apr 4 2015